Voice Lessons

In voice lessons with me, you will develop your skill as a singer.

You will:

  • strengthen your abilities as a versatile, accomplished vocalist
  • learn techniques used by working professionals
  • build confidence both in performance and in all other aspects of your life!

Together we will expand your range, smooth out transitions and ensure you know how to handle every note in your broadening range.

You will learn to use and care for your voice–your instrument–and maintain excellent vocal health and practices.

You will be mentored in building a successful career in vocal performance. Working in the performing arts requires not only talent, but also knowledge, commitment and professionalism. Mentoring is an intrinsic part of the many benefits you will receive in your voice lessons.

We will explore the many paths your professional career may take, including singing in musicals, for special events such as weddings and funerals, auditions, American Idol, X-Factor, recording artist, voice-over specialist, vocal animation artist — anything your heart desires!

Or, you may wish to simply sound better in the shower or the car, put on a talent show at home with your family, or rock everyone out at karaoke night!

Private lessons are a powerful tool and savvy investment to prepare you for anything you wish to use your voice for, whether as a hobby or as a professional vocalist.

Whatever your goals and passions are for singing, I will help you achieve them with exemplary skill and a great deal of FUN!

Here are some of the fun, inspiring, and essential things we will be working on in your lessons:

  • learn healthy vocal warm-ups and exercises
  • practice proper placement, breath support, foundational stance
  • explore upper and lower registers to expand your range
  • utilize techniques for handling every note in your broadening range
  • prepare audition songs
  • build a song repertoire for use in auditions, performances and more
  • smooth out transition areas to move freely between lower, middle and upper registers
  • venture into varying genres, including musical theater, pop, contemporary, country, classical — You name it, we’ll sing it!
  • establish regular practice routines to keep your instrument — your voice — healthy, strong and prepared
  • brush up your skills if you are already performing professionally
  • And much more!

Call me today to schedule your first lesson! You will be taking a bold and joyous step forward in advancing your skill, technique and confidence. Let’s sing our hearts out!