Taking the Angst Out of Auditioning

Dear Friends,

Have fun!

Oh, man, how can I have fun when these people are looking at me–just me–and judging me, and evaluating me, deciding whether or not they might call me back? Do they like me? Does my hair look fantastic today? Am I breathing? Oh, crap, what were my lines again?

Then there’s the post-audition hand-wringing: I wonder if they’ll pick me? How did I do? Did I give them what they wanted? Oh, man, I flubbed that one line, I wonder if they noticed. I was mostly in my body, but also in my head, could they tell? Crap, there were so many talented actors there–my friends! I wish them well, but, man I really want to get called back, too.

With all the angst floating around, how can we see clearly, relax, and have a good time?

Oh my gosh. We have to let the angst go. Don’t take it personally if you don’t get cast. Don’t try to read the director’s mind. Don’t try to please the director. Don’t try to give the director what you think they want. In fact, don’t make it about the director.

Do make it about your invisible scene partner. Do be in the moment. Do envision people you love in the (albeit empty) theater. Play to your significant other, your mentor, your mom, your child. Focus on what you do have control over. Skip the mind-reading and guesswork, and deliver your one-minute performance with passion.

Getting cast in a show is a bit like being asked out for a date. The director (suitor) chooses you because of who you are. They consider whether you and the show might be a good fit. Your best choice is to merely be yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not in order to get chosen. If you have to change who you are, it won’t work. You can’t sustain pretending to be something you’re not. And you won’t be happy in the process.

Trust that you’re enough. You’re fantastic. You are interesting, complicated, emotional, fun, hilarious, beautiful, clever, witty, neurotic. But you don’t have to be angst-filled. That’s a choice.

Choose to simply be who you are. Either you’re a good fit in the eyes of the director for this production, or you’re not. It’s okay. It may not be the right show at the right time.

Or it just might be. Be yourself. Love yourself. Audition–share yourself.

And rock it out. Have fun!


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