Acting Lessons

In acting lessons with me, you will develop your skill as an actor.

You will:

  • deepen your abilities to be a believable, strong actor
  • learn techniques used by working professionals
  • gain confidence both onstage and in all areas of your life!

Acting means behaving truthfully in imaginary circumstances. You will become proficient at tuning into your authentic self, shedding inhibitions, and responding spontaneously and genuinely in a monologue, scene, play, musical, or any acting setting.

You will be mentored in how to build a career in the performing arts, including stage, film, television, commercials, industrials — whatever your heart desires! Talent is the ability to express yourself honestly in any situation. It takes not only talent, but also knowledge, commitment and professionalism to succeed in the arts.

Private lessons are a powerful tool and savvy investment to prepare you for anything you want to do onstage or in other media, either as a hobby or as a professional actor.

And did I mention how much fun the process is?

Here are some of the fun, cool things we will do during your lessons:

  • learn audition protocol and techniques
  • select and prepare monologues
  • develop a repertoire of audition pieces
  • master cold readings with skill
  • practice scene work
  • acquire skill in scene analysis — What do I want from the other person and what am I going to do to get it?
  • become proficient at character analysis — Find out what a fully developed “moment before” means and how to create it.
  • physicalize actions
  • experience behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances
  • learn essential vocal and physical warm-up exercises
  • brush up your skills if you are already performing professionally
  • And much more!

Call today to schedule your first lesson. Let’s work joyfully and play hard together. We’ll build your confidence, develop new techniques, and have a blast in the process! They are called “plays” after all — Let’s play!